Nella Newsletter di Giugno troverete un approfondimento sulla bellezza Made in Italy. Che vuol dire? Abbiamo chiesto ad una trentina di donne in giro per il mondo che cosa pensano della bellezza italiana.

Per non rendere la newsletter troppo lunga abbiamo dovuto tagliare un po’ le risposte rendendole più snelle e concise. Anche la traduzione non è stata letterale perché, avendo poco spazio a disposizione, abbiamo preferito cogliere il senso sacrificando un po’ le sfumature.

Qui invece ci prendiamo tutto il tempo che serve e riportiamo tutte le risposte per intero. Curiosi?

Le reazioni sono state inaspettate. Altre invece, ce le aspettavamo eccome. La cosa bella è che gli italiani sono considerati bella gente dalla maggior parte delle persone intervistate. Non è forse questa una bella cosa per davvero?

Ebbene sì la percezione che le straniere hanno di noi è che ci vestiamo bene, sappiamo apprezzare il design di qualità e i prodotti con un’estetica raffinata ed elegante. La bellezza Made in italy è vincente anche se, a dire il vero, anche i nostri cugini francesi hanno riscosso un ottimo successo…

Partiamo con le indecise, o meglio coloro che non hanno un’idea precisa della bellezza italiana. Sì, per queste donne il french look prevale su quello tricolore.

I don’t know that much about italian beauty, I’m not sure italian vogue represents everyday looks. I think of Sophia Loren and Giovanna battaglia- the latter is my fashion inspo! I guess blonde salad is a representative too but not my type. Chic but not as self-important as French (so many articles about French girl style! And I don’t think this of individuals but just media representations).

Kristen Yee (USA)

Nothing really stands out when I think of Italian beauty…and maybe that’s where I’d start. What is Italian beauty? Whether that’s aesthetics-wise, or what are some of the cult I-beauty brands.

Something comes to mind when I think of French beauty, there’s a picture in my head. I live in Japan, and I have a clear representation of J-beauty and k-beauty. Same for G-beauty (beauty from Germany). I could articulate what the key points about the beauty aesthetics and beauty products from each of these countries are. But nothing comes to mind when I think of Italy and beauty.

When I think of Italy, I think more of fashion. D&G, Versace, etc. Popular or well-known Italian beauty brands don’t come to mind, either (except Vagheggi, which I used to use years ago). A clear Italian aesthetic that I could compare to my home country doesn’t come to mind either

Christina Bellevue (Japan)

I don’t know why, but images of effortless glam come to mind. Really put together but still easy and simple—maybe slightly more polished than the typical “French Girl” aesthetic that everyone tries to mimic.

Angela Hathaway (USA)

I really don’t know anything about it but Monica Bellucci comes to mind.

Isa Fernandez (USA)

Most Italian women I know don’t wear much make up or any at all. Dress wise- good quality clothing, leather goods, classic silhouettes 😊

Fiona N. Cashell (Ireland)

When I think of Italian beauty, I think of gorgeous natural
Skin and not a lot of makeup.
As for clothes, fashion forward and even if wearing black it’s not boring.

Sara Banks (USA)

From Chicago, US. I have traveled to different regions in Italy and do not see them as consistent. In Rome, I saw more of a professional and practical look in dress and footwear. In Milan the fashion and looks where either very high or low…in less touristy areas, I found the women to have gorgeous skin and feminine but not revealing or over the top looks…in Venice, I mostly saw tourists…just add an aside one of the most beautiful places that I loved was Verona. We attended an outdoor opera there and people had varied attire…some were dressed for an opera and some dressed for going to the library.

Kerry Lane (USA)

Monica Bellucci! 🙂 I am not sure if she was mentioned above? She is who I picture when I think of Italian beauty! My mother is Italian and looking at her younger pictures it was the tan skin, long dark shiny hair, with gold hoops and minimal to no makeup. I know that was probably Americanized, but somehow she pulled off the effortless Italian style! And as someone mentioned above me, the skin! That resonates with me – it’s not so much a ‘look,’ it’s beauty from within that Italian women exude and their confidence as well. I love how they dress (I always think of Bottega Veneta) and how it doesn’t have to reflect current trends, but what suits their figure and personal style.

Lizzie Lack (USA)

Il cinema? Beh, il cinema italiano ha ancora molto fascino e l’immaginario onirico di Fellini è ancora presente nella testa di moltissimi amanti dell’Italia. La dolce vita fa ancora sognare e ci sono le estimatrici delle donne italiane famose grazie al grande schermo. Come possiamo biasimarle?

I think of Italian beauty as feminine & sensuous, based on a womans true & natural beauty, make up to emphasize not to overwhelm – Isabella Rosellini, Silvana Mangano, Sophia Loren. I also think of course of beautifully designed clothes, fabrics, cars. I remember going into Bergdorf Goodmans with a stylish friend of my fathers, she had an appt at the Marcella Borghese counter, such beautiful products.

Lis Mac (USA)

 I guess pop culture or something such. There has never been an emphasis of Italy in the general articles you read. In fact in terms of beauty products too, I would think of France or US or Japan or Korea. If I have to think of Italy, I’m naturally drawn more to fashion than beauty.

Suchitra Ghosh (India)

There’s just something about Italian lingerie… even the basics exude confidence and sensuality. And good GOD the leather! Even the budget bags I go at street markets are high end. I discovered my first Italian purse when I was in my twenties and have only ever carried Italian leather since then.

I may be a French Beauty girl, but NOTHING gets between me and my Italian knickers.

Oh, and you can pry that Italian leather out of my dead, lifeless hands!

Nadia Mae (USA)

Im from London. I think of the classic italian cinema heroines when i think of italian beauty – dark hair, red lips, strong brow, black eyeliner , olive complexion – Sophia Loren, expressive. I think of Natural beauty as in no botox/filler etc rather then ‘no makeup makeup’. I also think of perfume but the lighter citrus ones like Acqua di Parma and Santa Maria Novella. But i can’t think of any modern day Italian beauty icons. Chiara Ferragni doesn’t do it for me. Maybe Giovanna Battaglia as someone else said. The only Italian makeup that comes to mind is kiko Milano but I don’t think of it as ‘Italian‘. I love Armani makeup but it’s owned by L’Oréal so not sure if it counts. Actually some of the Dolce & Gabbana makeup is good, especially their mascara. 💄💋

Navaz Batliwalla (UK)

I think of Monica Vitti–beauty that is both natural (not too much skin makeup) and a little dramatic (liquid liner, a strong eyebrow). It’s definitely something I personally try to emulate pretty regularly. I feel like Americans are sort of all or nothing, and Italian beauty I think of as having more balance. My sister married an Italian (Milanese) so I always hear the jokes about “la bella figura” being the national past-time there, and it does seem there’s maybe a little more of a unified style since Italy has more of a shared culture than the US being a smaller nation (though not like for example Iceland where everyone is basically related).

Ellen Warner (USA)

Ebbene per alcune intervistate le donne italiane hanno un beauty look molto ben preciso. Il focus è sugli occhi con delle sopracciglia scure e folte, molto espressive. Poi ci sono anche le labbra rosse, sexy e intense che rendono lo stile più sofisticato nelle occasioni serali. Ma leggiamo le risposte nel dettaglio.

Love Italian beauty! I haven’t been to Italy in a while, but growing up in Europe in the ’80s/’90s, my family vacationed in Italy for about a month every summer. My view of Italian beauty overall is that it’s often glamorous and a little more done-up than a lot of other places in Europe. I agree that it often seems to be smokey eye or red lip, and great brows are sort of a rule. It also complements Italian fashion, which is also always effortlessly sexy and glamorously sophisticated. I often get the sense that the fashion comes first, and then the beauty is chosen to complete the look.

Erika Berg Wolf (USA)

To be honest, I don’t think pop culture / study abroad pics are a true glimpse in to Italian beauty / culture. I think of typical Italian makeup as dewy but effortless looking — eyeliner to be dramatic, but lots of sunkissed looks. Gorgeous, natural, lusty beauty looks. When I think of fashion, I think of a lot of a lot of neutral, capsule wardrobes with designer accessories like Bottega

Rachel Mara (USA)

Naturally radiant skin, smokey charcoal eyes, excellent fashion sense

Ilana Tulloch (USA)

I love Italy!!! I’ve been a couple of times and I am from Georgia, the Southern part of the USA. When I think of Italian beauty, I think of bold dark brows, chic black liquid eyeliner and a red lip. But for everyday, probably a no makeup look except for the eyeliner. In the USA, I think of our casual clothes as sloppy (or at least mine are lol), but for all Europeans, women seem more pulled together even on “down” days.

Christy Guynn Denney (USA)

If I hear that a product is made in Italy I am immediately intrigued. When I think of Italian products – beauty or otherwise, I think quality. If I’m not mistaken a lot of our products are made in Italy and we wouldn’t even know it.

I’ve never been to Italy, so I don’t have firsthand experience of Italian women and their makeup/skincare habits. However, what I picture when I think of this would be more timeless: healthy looking skin, a flush to the cheeks, perhaps slightly sun kissed (but I’d be surprised if spf isn’t popular in Italy), eyes & lips defined but not overdone. I’d imagine the skincare routines to be effective but somewhat simple. I hope none of this is stereotypical as I don’t intend that.

Since I’ve never been to Italy I can’t compare to the US firsthand. But going with what I described above, I’d say broadly we are more excessive in our routines and makeup application (not that all US women prefer that, just in general).

I am a licensed esthetician in NJ & PA, and I live in NJ. My mom’s side also happens to be Italian – Neopolitan. Hope this helps!

Shana Renzi (USA)

I never think of Italian women wearing much makeup because of the dark hair and dark eyes mostly.

Claire Lisa (USA)

Italian beauty makes me think of quality products and timeless, effortless, often ethereal looks.

Mandy Lee (USA)

I feel like the typical American understanding of the Italian beauty aesthetic falls into two categories: Big, bold, juicy, with lips and hair and eyes all done up, or natural and romantic with faces from a Botticelli painting.

Emily Martin (USA) 

It’s a pleasure to take my opinion about italian girls that For me are so beautiful ❤️ First for italian beauty , italian girls are so beautiful with blonde hair and blue eyes and soft glam skin

For makeup and dresses , yes italian girls wear a beautiful makeup we can say a natural makeup , glowy and shiny makeup , so simple and cute

And for dresses italia is one of the most fashionable countries , so it’s normal to italian people can be fashionable too and stylish

And for the third and last question, I am from Morocco and we have our cultures too that you may be know , and the difference we are muslims so the religion can change a loot but we stay always chic and classy! And thank you!

Nouhaila Elhaiba (Morocco)

My Italian grandmother was loyal to Cera di Cupra her whole life; she’d get people to bring it back for her whenever they visited Italy. She died without a single wrinkle on her face. (I live in Boston, Massachusetts now.)

Joan Charlotte Matelli (USA)

Pienso que la belleza Italiana es sinónimo de lo clásico mezclado con lo moderno.
Hay mucho sexappeal femenino, sin llegar a lo vulgar. Siempre dejando a la imaginación. Me remito a encajes, perfumes, romanticismo y erotismo. Por otro lado, también más acceso a muchas tendencias que en este continente llegan con menos fuerza. Mucho más libertad a la hora de escoger un look y muchas más opciones también.

Si, me gusta el maquillaje italiano. Las tendencias son trazos más finos, resaltando con pocos productos la belleza única de cada mujer. Piel jugosa. Un poco de color pero no mucho escándalo. Nada de esconder el rostro entre mil capaz de maquillaje y eso es lindo.

La diferencia es que las tendencias en America van mucho más hacia la transformación de las facciones. Seguir tendencias de Instagram. SIN MIEDO al color, cómo por ejemplo el maquillaje brasilero. Esta muy fuerte en Colombia. Mucho glitter, delineados, cortes y no solo en el maquillaje. Las mujeres son mucho más exuberantes. Y preocupadas por el cabello, las uñas acrílicas; pestañas postizas y un sinfín de cosas.

Lo cual también me encanta. Pero, siempre es bueno tener de los dos mundos.

Wendy Rodriguez (Colombia)

When I’m in Italy, I notice that beauty seems almost effortless. Except for the elderly ladies, they go all out and look amazing and timeless.
Nellie Bloom (USA)

Le belle parole sono rivolte spesso anche alla bellezza nella sua interezza. Non è solo una questione estetica, il Made in Italy è anche grazia, cultura, anima, una meravigliosa visione di cui dovremmo essere più consapevoli.

I love and admire Italian women for their style.

I think (and I’m sooo generally speaking as I’m aware the country is incredibly diverse) they’re strong and confident in their inner stance and that shows in the outside, the way they carry themselves and their rich culture to me makes them attractive.

I think like all countries there is a variation of women who wear and don’t wear beauty products to enhance their look just like in France

Eimear Ryan (France)

So from my experience I can say that most of Italian women naturally beautiful and have great taste but as what I see they dnt prioritize they femininity and self care (as arabic or russian women as I see it) ,so I think Italian women mostly focused on enjoying life (and self care moments)in a way how it feels more then result it gives,I meant-they tend mostly to choose beauty treatments which feels pleasant more then treatments which help to archive “perfect version of herself”- if I can say this way. Italian women definitely appreciate good service and tasteful environment.Most of Italian I met- dnt really have knowledge and experience in makeup,doing just simple looks – which is shame as mostly they have beautiful faces and it would took just a bit of knowledge and skills to show it in best way. As for cloth – I think mostly they know which colors and styles suits them and they outfits usually feminine and joyful.

A lot of difference with my culture- as for us belorussian,we are quite pale originally so we usually put a lot of effort in our looks ,we usually focus with results of beauty treatments and joy from the process- not much of priority (as opposed from Italian ladies)))belorussian ladies love beauty trainings so actually quite skillful in makeup.As for clothes- being feminine are our priority ,but a lot of us straggling to know colors which could show our beauty (as for our pale kind of looks- not that easy to find colors which show us in best way- again opposite of Italians,as for Italian complexion- most of colors looks great)

Veronica Saber (Belarus)

I was fortunate to live for a short time in Venice many years ago when I was a University student. At the time I would say the ideals of Italian beauty were more “done” than the Canadian standards I was used to. (This was before Instagram). Women would be outside with their children in the late afternoon and they would have their hair done, makeup, even heels. In Venice (due to all the walking) I always lived in trainers. I always felt way less accomplished when it came to beauty than my Italian counterparts.

I have been fortunate to travel to Italy many times over the past few years, most recently last year. Now I would describe Italian beauty as “done with ease”. Natural makeup but still makeup. If that makes sense.

Also, Italians continue to be hyper critical of body standards. I remember being openly mocked for wearing a size large and being told I was “brave” to wear something an Italian woman would never wear if she had my body.

As an older Canadian woman I can appreciate the ideals of dressing well, wearing quality makeup, and looking after my skin. But I disagree with the cultural pressure (seen in many cultures – not just Italy) to diet and treat my body as something I need to fight and defeat.

Hilary Potosnak (Canada)

For me Italian beauty is timeless and classic. With how they put on their make up and clothes, I think they emphasize what their best features are and work on that. They embrace feminity and womanhood at all cost. In terms with their culture and my culture, I notice that they value and appreciate all forms of art and that it is also essential and could be part of their lives.

Zöé V. Alabanza (Philippines)

I think Italian women have a very natural beauty, but know exactly how to create a look and style that suits them. Beauty just seems easy for them! My dad’s side of the family are Italian and my aunts, even now in their eighties are stunning! My middle sister is very Italian looking and again, she always just uses a few products and makeup and she turns heads! I think it’s a beauty and style you are born with to be honest!

Christina Maria Palmieri (UK)

Ci siamo, questo è tutto. Ogni parola e ogni opinione è stata importante per elaborare la Newsletter di Giugno 2020. Grazie davvero a tutte le donne che hanno dedicato il loro tempo a Cosissime Beauty e hanno risposto con disponibilità ed entusiasmo. Tante belle cose per tutti!

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